Frequently Asked Questions


At this time, there is no way to add CNAMEs or validate your sending from email.

TidyCal sends email reminders from our TidyCal mail servers, and if you're connected with Google/Office/Apple calendars, the invitations will be sent from those connected accounts.

Pro Tip: If you want a specific email address for sending your booking reminders from, please connect that email address calendar to your TidyCal account and label it as Primary and reading-enabled.

Why are there no open meeting slots / Can't book meetings

A few things could affect this:

  1. You have events in your connected calendar set to "Busy" which are blocking out the free slots - to test this, go to your Integrations page and disable Reading from the connected calendar, if the booking slots are open, this means that the events in your connected calendar are blocking the slots.
  2. Meeting duration + Meeting padding is longer than any available slot - please make sure that Meeting duration and Meeting padding together are able to fit in the set booking slots.
  3. "How far out can users book" and "Bookers can't schedule within" options are not set up correctly.

Pro Tip: The first place to look would be your integrated reading-enabled calendars.

In most cases, you will have an existing event blocking your availability, and you will want to remove events that are blocking your booking schedule.

Adding users or team members

At this time, TidyCal doesn't have the ability to add more than one user per account.

Each user will need to have their own TidyCal account.

Adding links to meeting description

At this time, there is no option to add clickable URLs to the meeting description, but you can add regular text which they can copy and paste.

Import Contacts

At this time TidyCal doesn't have the option to import contacts.


You can set the availability for each Booking Type separately by editing the specific Booking Type.

You can choose between 2 settings:

  1. Weekly - You’re available one or more times during the week, every week and you can set up specific dates when you're unavailable
  2. Specific dates - You’re only available on specific dates and you can fully customize every date in the calendar if you're available or not.

Lastly, to set the global availability or default availability for all Booking types, you will need to do that by adding "Busy" events in your connected calendar and this will block out times for all the Booking Types.

Mobile App

Currently, TidyCal doesn't have a mobile app, so everything is done through our web app and you can access your account from any device.

iOS app

Currently, TidyCal doesn't have an iOS app, so everything is done through our web app and you can access your account from any device.

iPhone / Android app

TidyCal does not have a native iPhone or Android app, so everything is done through our web app and you can access your account from any device.

Discounts / Coupons

At this time, TidyCal doesn't have the option to add discounts or coupons to booking types, but you can always create a "Private" booking accessible only via a direct URL with a lower price and send it to users you want to offer the discount to.

AppSumo Plus

TidyCal is not currently included in the AppSumo Plus membership. You will need to purchase it separately on https://appsumo.com/products/tidycal


TidyCal doesn't have native webhook support at the moment, you can still integrate with Zapier or non-Zapier platforms using alternative automation tools like Pabbly Connect - https://www.pabbly.com/connect/integrations/tidycal/.

The only other option would be to use API.


You can find all the TidyCal API documentation on this page - https://tidycal.com/developer/docs/

Embedding more than one calendar on a single page

You can now normally embed more than one calendar per page.

Deleting Contacts

You can delete contacts in "My Contacts" tab; just keep in mind that this will delete the scheduled events that the contact has created.

Deleting bookings

At the moment, there is no way to delete bookings in TidyCal, so reach out to our Support team and we can delete them for you.

Pro Tip: Past bookings, even test ones, cannot be deleted from the system.

However, please note that these past bookings will not affect your future bookings or earning processes with TidyCal.

Reading Enabled / Disabled

It is important to note that TidyCal can connect to up to 10 different calendars - for example, 10 Gmail calendars, and READ events from them to block out unavailable times so your users can't book the time you've blocked out on your calendar if you're unavailable.

Reading Enabled - TidyCal will read events from your connected calendar and block out "Busy" times

Reading Disabled - TidyCal will not read any events you have in the connected calendar except the ones created by TidyCal

At the same time, TidyCal can WRITE events only to one calendar, meaning, when someone books the event in TidyCal, it will automatically be added to your Primary connected calendar.

So if you want to have separate events connected with different calendars you will have to use multiple TidyCal accounts.


TidyCal is not yet fully GDPR-compliant, but this is something that our legal team is working on.

Unfortunately, we don't have an estimated time for when this will be deployed.

Microsoft Exchange

At this time, Microsoft Exchange calendars will not work with TidyCal, so only Office 365, Outlook.com, Live.com, or Hotmail calendars are supported by Microsoft for now.

Profile Image Size

We don't have a defined image size, but we recommend uploading at least 200x200 images.

Asking bookers for the Phone Number

As for the phone number on the booking form, for example, one can create the phone number in the field with the questions.

Bookers will then be able to fill in the phone number at the time of booking.

You can also create any questions and mark answers as required in the edit mode of your booking type.

Payment processors supported in TidyCal

There are three types of payment processors in TidyCal.

  • PayPal, which is self-explanatory
  • Stripe ( supporting only debit and credit cards at this time with TidyCal )
  • TidyCal (Stripe Connect account required for this) payment processing

Pro Tip: You may have only one payment option active at the time, and on your account

Here is the video explaining all payment options in TidyCal:


Bookings are not showing in the connected calendar

This can happen if the connection between TidyCal and your calendar is not set up correctly, so we recommend reconnecting it on the Integrations page.

If you're still not seeing booked events added to your calendar, please make sure you gave TidyCal ALL the permissions when connecting the calendar.

Here's how you can check permissions:

For Google connections:

1. Go to this page: https://myaccount.google.com/permissions and remove all the TidyCal permissions

2. Open a new Incognito/Private browser mode and log in to your TidyCal account

3. Connect the Google calendar again and make sure you give all the permissions to TidyCal when asked

For the Outlook calendar, you will want to reach out to Outlook support to see if everything is set up correctly there.

Booking Schedule

The booking schedule is unique for each Booking type, so you will have to edit this for each booking type separately.

Facebook/Meta Tracking Pixels

The current version of TidyCal does not support Meta pixels integration yet, so the only way to track them is to use the "Redirect after booking" feature and track them on your "thank you" page.

Zapier integration

As for now, when passing multiple questions to Zapier, they will all be passed in a single variable in Zapier.

Date Polls

Date polls help you coordinate a time to meet with a group of clients, prospects, friends, and more, considering their free time and yours and finding the best time for the meeting.

Two-factor authentication - 2FA

At the moment, TidyCal does not support Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Business hours

There is no way to set up universal Business hours for all Booking Types for now, but you can always set up one Booking Type with "Unavailable date overrides" and clone it as many times as you need to so all your newly created Booking Types have the same date overrides.

Import Booking Types

At the moment, we only support importing Booking Types from Calendly.

You can find the Import from Calendly button on your TidyCal Integrations page - tidycal.com/integrations

Changing the order of your Booking Types

To change the order of your Bookings, on the main Dashboard, click the "View your bookings page" button and on the next page you can drag and drop the Booking Types.

TidyCal Cookies

TidyCal uses 2 cookies for end users:

tidycal_session and XSRF-TOKEN for protection.


At this time, TidyCal cannot set up notifications such as new bookings, cancellations, or reschedules. Still, you can use Zapier or a similar service as an alternative.

Cover Image

The cover image is a feature specifically developed for our directory (https://tidycal.com/directory) where you can showcase your booking types.

Cover Image placement

Rescheduling and cancelling bookings

Currently, there is no way to disable rescheduling of the bookings.

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