TidyCal Settings - Profile Page

TidyCal Settings are located on this page - https://tidycal.com/profile or by clicking your name in the top right corner.

On this page, you can find all the Account-wide settings so we will explain every one of them:

Profile picture/image

Uploading the image will display it on your main Profile page and on each Booking Type.

Please keep in mind that this is not the image used for sending email notifications, that image is pulled from your connected calendar (Google, Outlook, iCal) so you can change that elsewhere.

Booking Page link

This is the URL of your Profile page with all the public Booking Types listed and the starting URL of all your Booking Types


This is the name that will show on your TidyCal Profile page and Booking Types.

Please note that emails will use the name of the connected account, so if you're using Google Calendar, the name on the emails will be the one from your Primary connected Google account.


Email address of your TidyCal account. Also, this email will be used to send Booking Reminders as those are sent from TidyCal, but if you are connected with Google/Outlook calendars, emails will be sent from those addresses.


The time zone of your TidyCal account.

Please note that TidyCal detects the user's browser time zone. So if they are booking a meeting from the UK, all the available times will be automatically shown in their time zone and then recalculated for you so you never miss a meeting.

Time Format

You can switch between the 12 and 24-hour formats here.


Currency used for paid meetings. This is a global setting and will apply to ALL Booking Types

If you don't see your currency, please let us know at support@tidycal.com and we can add it.

Booking Page Language

This will change the language of all your booking pages.

Please note that changing the Booking Page Language will change the starting day of the week depending on the language/country you selected.

Booking Page Title

Title of all your booking pages.

Booking Page Description

The description on all your booking pages.

Booking Page Theme Color

Change the color of your booking pages here.

Availability Interval

This is the interval between the available booking slots.

If you want to have a 60 minute gap between all the bookings, you can set this to 60 minutes or 1 hour, and users will be able to book a meeting every full hour

Please note that the minimum interval is 15 minutes, and there is no way to set it lower than this.

Private Booking Types

This Booking Type will not be shown on your booking page but can be accessed with a direct URL.

This is also useful if you want to have paid bookings at a discounted price so you can set up a Private booking at a lower price and send direct links to your customers.

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