5 Ways to Troubleshoot Undetected Calendar Events

Before we dive into the 5 different ways to fix undetected events on your Calendar, let us first understand that TidyCal is only able to detect existing calendar events if they have the following attributes:

  • Events are marked as Busy
  • Events are not "Holidays in (your country)"
  • Events are not "Out of Office" events

TidyCal can detect "recurring" or Repeating events as well, for example, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.

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Here now are 5 Ways to Troubleshoot Undetected Events in your TidyCal.

#1 Check if your Google, Microsoft, or Apple accounts are integrated.

If you have not completed the integration process, link your Google, Microsoft, or Apple account.
Go to the Integrations page inside TidyCal.
Click one or all of the apps available.

Complete the integration by enabling your calendars for reading and setting one as the Primary Calendar.
Wait for around 15-30 minutes for the auto-sync to initiate.

#2 Check if your Google, Microsoft, or Apple accounts are properly integrated.

If your account has been integrated but no calendar appears below it, it needs to be  refreshed.

To refresh, disconnect your integrated account and reconnect it. Once your calendars appear below the account, set your preferred calendars for reading and set one as the Primary Calendar.

The disconnect typically occurs whenever an update happens on the integrated account’s side or TidyCal’s side. 
TidyCal would have sent you an email to notify you of the required action. Check your Spam or Junk folder in case the notification email landed there. It would be best to add service@TidyCal.com as a contact in your mailbox to whitelist the email address.
Once done, wait for around 15-30 minutes for the auto-sync to initiate.

#3 Check if your calendar is enabled for reading.

If no calendar is enabled for reading, TidyCal would not know what events already exist in that calendar. 
Enable at least one, and set one as the Primary Calendar.

Make sure that the existing event is on a calendar that has been enabled for reading.
Wait for the auto-sync to happen.

#4 Check the visibility of your Existing Event

TidyCal is only able to detect events that are regular events. 
Meaning they are NOT marked as an All-Day event, a Holiday, or an Out-of-Office event.
Regular events have to be marked as Busy so that TidyCal can pick them up. Recurring or repeating events are detectable.
If you don’t want to receive meeting appointments on a particular day create a regular event in your integrated calendar.
Set the start and end times of the regular event to block off the date.
Set the event as a Busy event and wait for auto-sync.

#5 Manually sync your TidyCal with your active integrations.

To manually sync a calendar inside TidyCal, go to Integrations.
Click on the calendar you want to sync manually
You will be taken to the events page of that calendar.
On the upper right side of that page, you should see the Resync button
Click it.

You can only manually sync once every 24 hours.
And that’s it. 
If the issue persists, reach out to our Support Team at Originals@AppSumo.com. The Support Team will be able to further investigate and resolve the issue for you, right away.
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